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The TRANSPLAN Committee coordinates the regional transportation interests of the communities in eastern Contra Costa County. Similar committees serve the other parts of the county.

Member Governments

The five member governments of TRANSPLAN include the Cities of Antioch, Brentwood, Oakley and Pittsburg, and Contra Costa County. Contra Costa County governs the unincorporated East County communities of Bay Point, Bethel Island, Byron, Discovery Bay and Knightsen.


The representatives who serve on TRANSPLAN are elected officials and planning commissioners from the five member governments.

JurisdictionJurisdiction BodyTRANSPLAN AppointeeAlternate AppointmentStaff
City of AntiochAntioch City CouncilLamar Hernandez-Thorpe, Chair*Scott Buenting
Antioch Planning CommissionVacant
City of BrentwoodBrentwood City CouncilJoel Bryant, Vice-Chair**Steven Kersevan
Brentwood Planning CommissionKristopher Brand
City of OakleyOakley City CouncilAaron Meadows***Kevin Rohani
Oakley Planning CommissionLeonard Price
City of PittsburgPittsburg City CouncilShanelle Scales-Preston****John Samuelson
Pittsburg Planning CommissionSarah Foster
Contra Costa CountyContra Costa County Board of SupervisorsDiane BurgisFederal D. GloverJohn Cunningham
Contra Costa County Planning CommissionBob Mankin

* CCTA Appointee for even-year (2/1/2024 to 1/30/2026) term/CCTA Administration & Projects Committee Member
** CCTA Appointee alternate for even-year term
*** CCTA Appointee for odd year (2/1/2023 to 1/30/2025) term/CCTA Planning Committee Member
**** CCTA Appointee alternate for odd-year term

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